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Your Google Ads Playbook

Google Ads Playbook
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Your Google Ads Playbook
Whichever shoes you're in, this guide is tailored to pave your way forward. This is your Google Ads Playbook.

Unlocking the Power of PPC + FAQs

Envision this: You’re a dynamic marketing director aiming to amplify your brand’s reach, or perhaps a small business owner on the cusp of exploring the expansive world of online advertising. Whichever shoes you’re in, this guide is tailored to pave your way forward. This is your Google Ads Playbook.

Google Ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Click), the buzzwords that keep marketing managers and small business owners leaning in closer. You might be a Fortune 500 retailer, a healthcare foundation, or the owner of the next big thing in manufacturing, but let’s get real — you’re all seeking the secret sauce to your next campaign. Trust us, the question isn’t always, “How do we make them click?” It’s also “How do we make it stick?” or even “How do we make them come back for more?” 

The landscape of online advertising can be daunting, but when navigated with expertise, Google Ads can transform your marketing. It’s about having the right guide to chart your course.

To the ones that “tried Google Ads before, but we just didn’t get the results we wanted” but have come around and are curious to dip their toes in again. Wondering what it truly takes to make Google Ads work like a charm? Buckle up and dive in with BECK Digital. We’re not just here to guide but to demystify Google Ads, so it can work for you. Remember, no gatekeeping here.

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Jon Snow is ready. Are you?

So, You’re Ready to Get Started? Here’s What To Expect

Enter BECK Digital. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our crew includes one of the first certified Google Ads experts. His knack for tracking trends and adapting to the ever-evolving platform ensures your campaigns are well cared for. So, as we embark TOGETHER on this PPC journey, know you’re in safe hands. Let’s get started.

10 Terms You’ll Need To Know:

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – Basically, out of everyone who saw your ad, it’s the percentage of those who thought, “Hey, this looks interesting!” and gave it a click.
  • Conversions – Think of it as a digital high-five. It’s when someone does precisely what you hoped they’d do after seeing your ad. (#Winning)
  • Impressions – It’s your ad’s moment in the spotlight, the number of times it graces users’ screens.
  • Landing Page URL – It’s the digital welcome mat (webpage) you lay out for folks who click on your ad.
  • Remarketing – Remember that ad that followed you around after you looked at those shoes? That’s remarketing for ya.
  • Display Ads – The visual flair! These are your vibrant, designed ads on various websites.
  • Video Ads – Action-packed ads ready to roll predominantly on YouTube.
  • Shopping Ads – It’s like window shopping, but Google-fied. (Did I just make up a word?) These ads show off your products to those searching directly on Google.
  • Search Ads – Have you ever typed something into Google and seen those top results with “AD” in tiny letters? Yep, that’s them.
  • Budget – How much you invest into your ad campaign(s) and the placement/management of your ads/budget (maybe….someone like BECK?).

Remember to save this Google Ads Playbook. Reference it when you get started, and ask questions that you need to know to feel confident in your campaign.

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Any questions? David S. Pumpkins is here to help answer those burning queries.

Questions We Hear All. The. Time.

“Can we throw in some of our own keyword ideas?”

Absolutely! At BECK Digital, we believe collaboration breeds success. Your list offers a perspective, and we sprinkle it with our optimized keyword research for that perfect blend.

“Which campaign type should we run?”

Ah, the age-old question. Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Remarketing? It’s like finding the right gear for an adventure. It should be determined by your goals and where you want to go.

Alright, let’s talk money. How do we gauge the right budget for our Google Ads campaign?

Navigating a budget can be the most stressful part for folks teetering on the edge, but at BECK Digital, it’s about ambition, not just 💸 . What’s your end goal? Sales, brand awareness, increasing your leads? Once we understand your goals and survey your industry’s landscape, we’ll craft a budget that maximizes your dollars. It’s less about big bucks and more about strategic spending.

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“Let’s focus on the bigger picture.” Google Ads is just one piece of the puzzle.

Google Ads: Part of the Bigger Digital Picture

Utilizing Google Ads in isolation is like playing just one instrument in an orchestra – it’s still beautiful, but imagine the symphony when every section joins in. Paired with a strategy that considers SEO, well-executed content, and/or a website or web app that speaks to the value of your product, the outcome is…. *chef’s kiss.* That’s why this Google Ads Playbook is important for increasing your confidence in all parts of your marketing strategy. That’s also where we come in. With several service lines to customize your well-oiled marketing strategy, we can help “conduct the orchestra” while you do what you do best. 

A Note of Truth:

At BECK Digital, passion drives us. While the digital realm can be unpredictable, our commitment is unwavering. We pool our expertise, working to get the best results we can. Though those may not always come through as we wish, we always aim for the stars.

If this deep dive has you ready to get started or fueled you with more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Drop a line by sending us an email or DM us/comment our latest Instagram post. We’re all ears, all the time.

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Google Ads Playbook

Your Google Ads Playbook

Whichever shoes you're in, this guide is tailored to pave your way forward. This is your Google Ads Playbook.

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