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Dogwood Health Trust

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Year: 2019 - Current

Dogwood Health Trust (DHT), a philanthropic force in Western North Carolina, began their mission to enhance the lives of all generations in the region, focusing on support for housing, education, economic opportunity, and health & wellness. With a vision of opportunity for all, this $1.5 billion endowed trust is instrumental in driving community equity and investment in the 18 counties and Qualla Boundary of Western North Carolina.

BECK Digital has been a proud partner in this journey since before Dogwood Health Trust’s inception, initially working with Atlanta’s Mission Health System’s Office of Philanthropy and transitioning to support DHT following HCA’s pivotal acquisition of Mission Health System. In 2019, our role was to establish Dogwood Health Trust as a trusted name in the nonprofit sector, crafting its initial website as a cornerstone of its identity within the community.

In the summer and fall of 2023, BECK Digital worked with our agency partners at Formation PR + Brand to redesign the Dogwood Health Trust website to showcase DHT’s impressive impact over the past five years. The redesign included a streamlined site structure that enhanced the user experience for current and potential grant applicants and recipients. This also included a new, more engaging digital annual report page, which users can use to learn more about how funding and grants are distributed.

Lastly, BECK Digital provided strategic guidance for comprehensive digital marketing campaigns focused on geotargeting the 18 counties of Western North Carolina to increase reach and inclusivity to the communities in that area. This approach was pivotal in amplifying DHT’s message and mission. As Dogwood Health Trust continues to invest in and uplift the communities of Western North Carolina, BECK Digital remains committed to advancing its digital outreach, ensuring its online presence is as impactful as its on-the-ground efforts

Website Design & Development

In 2019, BECK Digital developed Dogwood Health Trust’s (DHT) website, focusing on establishing it as a trusted name in philanthropy. By 2023, with a significant increase in grant applications and distributions, our redesign aimed to transparently showcase DHT’s growing impact on Western North Carolina communities. The redesign aligned with DHT’s rebranding by Formation PR + Brand, encapsulating hope, resilience, and a commitment to ‘do good’ within the region.

The Challenge

The focus of the website redesign shifted from introducing the brand as a trusted, philanthropic player in the region to effectively communicating the trust’s increased grant-making activities and community impact while maintaining a user-friendly experience for grant application processes and grant-giving efforts.

The Solution

To meet Dogwood Health Trust’s evolving needs, our redesign focused on streamlining the user experience, particularly in the grant application process, and implementing a simplified site navigation so users can easily see this trust’s profound impact on grant applicants’ organizations. We also introduced an engaging digital annual report, which provided an interactive way for users to explore DHT’s contributions. 

Dogwood health trust website
“We’re connecting with our community in more meaningful ways, demonstrating the tangible impact of our efforts, and inspiring others to join us in our mission”.
Susan Mims
Chief Executive Officer
Dogwood Health Trust

Digital Annual Report

The development of a Digital Annual Report for Dogwood Health Trust was built to provide a more engaging and interactive experience. This digital report vividly showcases DHT’s extensive grantmaking efforts and community impact. Making the annual report, a driving force in showcasing philanthropic efforts, serves as an accessible platform for stakeholders, donors, and the public, enabling them to explore DHT’s achievements and stories of community transformation through an interactive, shareable page on the website.

The Challenge

Traditional annual reports are distributed usually in printed booklet form or via PDF. By creating an interactive digital version, that was both informative and engaging, DHT is now able to share specific information or links with grantees or applicants so they can see the process and impact of the trust. It was crucial to present a large amount of data without overwhelming the user alongside narratives about DHT’s grantmaking in a format that was easily navigable and resonated with a diverse audience.

The Solution

To address the challenges of representing this in-depth look at numbers and figures, we designed the digital annual report with interactive elements that bring DHT’s stories and data to life. Users can easily navigate through grantmaking highlights, impact stories, and financials with engaging visuals and animations. This approach not only enhanced accessibility but also enriched user engagement with DHT’s mission.

Dogwood Health Trust annual report
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