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The Queen's Health System

Queens Health System homepage

Year: 2019 - Current

The Queen’s Health System, a cornerstone in Hawai‘i’s healthcare history, was founded over 160 years ago and has grown into the largest public healthcare system in the state. With a legacy that began with Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV, today it operates four hospitals and over 70 health care locations, serving as a vital healthcare leader for Native Hawaiians and the entire Hawaiian community.

Facing the digital age, The Queen’s Health System recognized the need to align its online presence with its renowned healthcare services. This led to a pivotal collaboration with BECK Digital, a partnership aimed at transforming its website into a robust, user-friendly digital resource. BECK’s expertise in digital marketing for healthcare organizations was instrumental in revamping the website to not only ensure accurate, up-to-date information but also to bolster the system’s reach and trustworthiness. The result is a digital platform that not only meets the diverse needs of Hawai‘i’s residents but also showcases The Queen’s Health System as a beacon of medical technology and know-how. BECK Digital’s work has been crucial in extending the system’s legacy into the digital realm, enhancing its position in the healthcare industry and reinforcing its role as a trusted source of healthcare information and services.

Provider Management System

The Queen’s Health System faced a critical need for a reliable source of truth for their provider data. In response, BECK Digital developed a comprehensive software system designed to aggregate and cleanse legacy data. This system aided in key features like the proactive Physician Data Survey and the user-friendly ‘Find a Doctor’ interactive search tool, significantly enhancing the accuracy and accessibility of provider information to the public while also ensuring the data was up-to-date.

The Challenge

QHS grappled with the significant challenge of an underutilized website, both by the healthcare system and its users. Additionally, there was a pressing need for a technology expert to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the marketing and IT teams.

The Solution

BECK Digital spearheaded an integrated digital marketing strategy, crucial in transforming The Queen’s Health System’s website and its approach to disseminating public information. 

Queens Health System Find a Doctor feature
“BECK's holistic approach and ongoing support have been invaluable in maintaining our position as a healthcare leader in Hawai‘i.”
The Queen's Health System

Website Design & Development

Our holistic digital strategy encompassed a new website design centered on user experience improvement, SEO optimization, and the creation of specialized microsites. This transformation not only streamline the website’s design, it also eased the usability of the site so it could become a go-to source for accurate information throughout the healthcare system and public. We continually adapt and update their digital platforms, ensuring they evolve with consumer needs and maintain their position as a healthcare leader in Hawai‘i.

The Challenge

QHS sought to enhance its website’s effectiveness, addressing concerns about content reliability and the need for better collaboration between marketing and IT teams.

The Solution

We helped implement a comprehensive digital strategy, revitalizing QHS’s website and communication methods. This included improved interdepartmental communication and content maintenance processes for ongoing success.

Collage of the Queens Health System Website

Brand Photography

In a comprehensive effort to elevate The Queen’s Health System’s visual brand identity, BECK Digital has been working with the marketing team to curate an extensive brand photography library. This project encompasses a wide range of subjects, including high-quality drone images, professional headshots of key personnel, and editorial lifestyle shots captured within the facilities. Our team also focused on blending in community lifestyle photography to not only enrich The Queen’s Health System’s marketing materials but to connect the people of Hawai‘i more intimately with their healthcare system, showcasing a commitment to whole health and community wellbeing.

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