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Shawn Stom


Meet Shawn Stom, BECK Digital’s in-house Photographer and our go-to guru for all things visual! Hailing from Murray, KY, but a Greenville local for 13 years.

With his camera in hand, Shawn navigates through his day, which is a unique mix of snapping photos for our clients, brainstorming with the marketing team, and occasionally diving into the world of code. He’s definitely a Jack-of-all-trades. With a decade of photo experience, he brings brands to life, starting from mood boards to delivering eye-catching final snaps that genuinely showcase the brand.

And here’s a quirky fact—Shawn is red/green color blind! But guess what? It’s his secret sauce! Many art directors believe it adds that extra ‘pop’ to his photos.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING PART OF TEAM BECK? It’s all about the people! BECK is more than a team; it’s a close-knit family. It’s where support is a constant, and good days and bad are shared amongst everyone. The internal support is amazing.

WHAT FUELS YOUR CREATIVITY BEHIND THE LENS AT BECK? I aspire to take photos that make our clients beam with pride, whether seen in a magazine, on a billboard, or on their own website. And, winning an award for one or two pictures wouldn’t be so bad either.

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