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Mick Matricciano

Frontend Developer

Meet Mick Matricciano, one of BECK Digital’s front-end developers hailing from the beautiful southern city of Charleston, SC. Before he started coding websites, Mick was running his own craft soda business, which surprisingly laid the groundwork for his web development skills and how to most intuitively approach clients’ needs.

For nearly two years, Mick spends his days working with the design team to transform their web designs into fully functional websites, troubleshooting any issues that pop up, and helping clients get comfortable with their new digital platforms. He’s known for his ability to tackle any challenges, and he always does it with a smile and genuine enthusiasm. He is adept at devising solutions that not only meet client needs but are also easy to manage and navigate.

HOW HAVE YOU GROWN SINCE WORKING AT BECK? Due to the variety of clients we get to work with, BECK has been an amazing place to grow my skills. I learn new things every week and get the opportunity to be hands-on at every level of web development.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF WORKING AT BECK? As cliché as it sounds, my favorite part of working at BECK is the people. We have an extremely knowledgeable and collaborative team, and someone is always willing to lend a hand or share their experience.

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