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How Professional Business Headshots Are Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

BECK Deep Dive: Professional Headshots - photographer taking headshot of employee

Let’s face it – we live in the millisecond era where first impressions matter more than ever, especially online. So, what’s the secret to making that standout first impression? While we take great care in presenting ourselves in person, how do we ensure we make the same impact when someone encounters us (and often, our business) online for the first time? Let’s dive into how you can effectively master that online introduction.

Often overlooked, there is inherent trust in businesses that offer a ‘face’ – a personal profile that showcases the human(s) behind the brand. Imagine clients placing their trust in you even before the first handshake or email. That’s the transformative magic of professional business headshots. 

Ron Burgundy Anchorman with quote "Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!"

Let’s Bring Out the Big Guns

We know the importance of a professional headshot for the Hollywood type – the models and actors – but it’s JUST as important for your average Joe-Schmoe. So, for a company team page, it can do wonders. Here are some reasons we feel it’s important to invest in the image of your company. (And, of course, we can help! I’m glad you asked!)

  1. To establish a brand image. ​​

While a well-taken selfie has its merits, curating a brand image requires a deeper dive. Consider the impression you want to leave on your audience. A doctor exuding trust on a serene blue backdrop fits, but an artist who only works in vibrant hues would be misplaced there. It’s all about aligning your image with your brand’s essence.

Before and after headshots
See the difference? Yes, the ‘before’ image is clear and captures who the subject is, but the ‘after’ shot screams professional, expert, and approachable all in one.
  1. To build trust.

Professional business headshots build trust in you as a person and your value as a professional. Think about it – there’s no better way to say you’re invested in your company and delivering top-notch results than showing you’re invested in being the face of your business. And with good lighting and a killer hairdo, anything’s possible.

  1. To build value.

A cohesive brand flows effortlessly from your website to social media, business cards, and other supporting marketing materials. A grainy or poorly cropped image can interrupt this flow, whereas a sharp, professional headshot amplifies your value to customers. Plus, it never hurts to get a few compliments!

  1. To show your commitment to your brand’s growth.

While a professional headshot might seem like a splurge for just a few pictures upfront, its ROI is immense. Beyond its immediate purpose, it easily transforms your online avatars, email signatures, website bios, marketing materials, and LinkedIn profiles. It’s like those Facebook ads that keep following you around (Yep, that may have been us too. Guilty, lol.). When a potential client sees a polished headshot repeatedly, it can subtly nudge them towards making that crucial business decision.

  1. To make your brand more visual.

People are visual. According to Venngage, in 2021, statistics showed that stock images performed the worst in marketing for those surveyed. We can attest to this in our own marketing at BECK. When incorporating more real-life photos of our team, offices, and behind-the-scenes shots of life at BECK, we’ve seen the engagement double on our social media channels alone. 

“When a marketing team puts together your branding, we’re thinking of your fonts, your brand’s messaging and voice, and visual elements like graphics and colors. We’re also thinking about how your company would best be portrayed to your target audience through images. So, photography is SUPER important in the grand scheme of things,” said our marketing manager, Tammy Freeman. “With well-executed creative direction and a well-thought-out plan for your marketing, you should see how to portray your brand AND your people.”

Final Thoughts

Life’s too short for bad selfies, especially when your brand’s reputation is on the line. A professional headshot is more than just a photo; it’s a declaration. A declaration that you’re serious, committed, and ready to bring your A-game.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. From headshots to team shots, from your office space to lifestyle photoshoots  – we can elevate your brand’s visual presence. It’s a snap (pun intended).

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