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Wyche Law Firm

Industry: Professional Service

Year: 2022 - Current

Wyche, a prestigious law firm in Greenville, SC, stands as a beacon of legal expertise in the Upstate region. Renowned for their exceptional service and community involvement, they sought an online presence that their clientele could easily navigate and that would match their stature. Partnering with BECK Digital, we completed their website design and development by focusing on enhancing site navigation and showcasing the depth of their lawyers’ expertise, making their exceptional team more accessible and prominent online.

Website Design & Development

BECK Digital strategically redesigned the Wyche website to make it more user-friendly. We prioritized a simple user interface, allowing effortless navigation and emphasizing the firm’s array of legal services and what areas the lawyers were professionally aligned with. The redesign aimed to create an online reflection of Wyche Law’s professional identity and expertise.

The Challenge

The main challenge was restructuring the website to simplify the process of finding lawyers by their fields of expertise. We also needed to ensure the revamped bio pages effectively showcased their individual skills and experience without overloading users with information.

The Solution

By developing a clear, easy-to-navigate menu that efficiently categorized lawyers by specialty, we could connect users more quickly with the right lawyer for their needs. We redesigned the bio pages with a focus on clarity and professionalism, highlighting each lawyer’s expertise prominently and then showcasing their unique qualifications and experience. 

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“BECK’s solution has streamlined our processes and significantly enhanced client satisfaction.”
Wyche Law Firm
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