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Omnihawk USA

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Year: 2021 - Current

Launched in July 2022, Omnihawk USA has revolutionized the outdoor equipment industry with its customizable hatchets. These practical and stylish hatchets, designed for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and farming, offer unique customization options like cord colors, handle color, and even custom laser etching on the cerakote blade. Omnihawk USA chose to work with BECK Digital to spread the word about this innovative tool. Our approach extended their e-commerce with a unique product configurator, ensuring a seamless integration with their back-end systems and a dynamic SKU system for product customization.

Website Design & Development

The primary challenge was creating an e-commerce system that could handle the complexity of custom orders. Additionally, we needed to integrate the system with existing shipping and ordering processes while ensuring a user-friendly online shopping experience. These challenges are what now make the site so unique and have ultimately led to higher customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

The challenge was establishing Omnihawk USA’s online presence as a new player in this particular market, focusing on their unique product – a customizable hatchet. The website needed to be appealing, informative, and engaging to a broad audience, while also showcasing the product’s practicality and customizable features effectively.

The Solution

To connect with a wider target audience, we developed a website with an easily navigable, intuitive design highlighting Omnihawk’s unique customization offerings. The site features detailed product information, customization, and user-friendly navigation. It also helps Omnihawk showcase its customized products with a large gallery they update frequently.

Omnihawk USA website pages
“I was incredibly impressed with BECK Digital’s ability to capture our brand and custom functionality.”
Rick Welch
Omnihawk USA
OMnihawk Hatchet

Custom e-Commerce

Omnihawk USA’s e-commerce platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with their back-end shipping and ordering system. This integration supports a dynamic and customizable shopping experience, featuring an interactive product configurator, and allows for efficient management of online sales, including tracking sales by distributors through QR codes.

The Challenge

QHS grappled with the significant challenge of an underutilized and mistrusted website, both by the healthcare system and its users, leading to a wealth of outdated and unreliable content. Additionally, there was a pressing need for a technology expert to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the marketing and IT teams.

The Solution

Our solution was to implement an e-commerce platform capable of dynamically generating SKUs based on customization choices. We ensured seamless integration with Omnihawk’s existing back-end systems, enabling efficient order processing and tracking. The platform’s user-friendly design facilitates effortless online gift card ordering and enhances the overall customer shopping experience.

Omnihawk ecommerce website


We focused on capturing these customizable hatchets through high-quality product and lifestyle photography. This involved detailed shots showcasing the hatchets’ quality, versatility, and customizability in various environmental settings. The challenge was to authentically convey these features while resonating with a diverse audience. Our solution included diverse color and style depictions, and outdoor lifestyle scenes, effectively highlighting the practicality and craftsmanship, enhancing Omnihawk’s online and offline brand presence.

Composite image of photography created for Omnihawk
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