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Year: 2006 - Current

Motorola®, a renowned leader in consumer electronics, partnered with BECK Digital to invigorate their marketing strategy and enhance their retail presence. Acknowledging Motorola’s influential role in the global market, BECK Digital was pivotal in providing agile and innovative solutions to meet Motorola’s dynamic marketing needs.

Our long-standing relationship, established since Beck’s inception, allowed us to effectively align with Motorola’s objectives, ensuring timely delivery of high-impact marketing materials and maintaining their competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

Amazon Storefront

BECK Digital worked with Motorola’s marketing team to transform their Amazon storefront with new product setups and themed takeovers. This approach enhanced product visibility and dynamically showcased Motorola’s diverse range of consumer electronics, aligning with seasonal and holiday trends to engage a broader customer base on Amazon.

The Challenge

Motorola wanted to deliver fresh, relevant content and marketing assets to consumers at lightning speed. They needed their marketing company to be able to deliver incoming requests within 24-48 hours.

The Solution

We conducted multiple in-person meetings to provide strategy on trade show booth and display screen designs, pallet designs, digital icon assets, packaging design, and an Amazon storefront.

Motorola Amazon storefront examples
“BECK is a MUST for those looking to increase their exposure in the Amazon marketplace.”
Frankie Ramirez
Account Manager North America Retail
Composite image of work designed by Beck Digital for Motorola

Retail & E-Commerce Support

BECK Digital provided comprehensive e-commerce consulting and support for Motorola’s use of the Syndigo Platform, including creating compelling product videos for various retailers like Walmart. Our team worked closely with Motorola’s in-house marketing team to ensure consistent brand messaging and content across different national retailers, reinforcing Motorola’s strong market presence.

Motorola phone

The Challenge

We were challenged with managing several content requirements, from ensuring consistency across diverse e-commerce platforms via Syndigo to crafting unique in-store marketing materials and product videos. These tasks needed to be completed within tight deadlines and tailored to meet the specific retailer requirements, demanding a fine balance between digital and physical retail spaces.

The Solution

Our team navigated the Syndigo platform, serving as Motorola’s proxy to ensure consistency while spearheading the creative for in-store marketing materials and product videos. Our approach allowed us to meet the demands of various retailers, producing content that aligned with their specs and enhanced the overall in-store experience. These efforts amplified Motorola’s in-store marketing impact, contributing to its brand presence in both online and retail.

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