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Industry: Telecommunications

Year: 2019 - Current

MCA, a leading provider of wireless communication solutions, has significantly expanded through acquisitions, becoming a powerhouse in the telecommunications industry. Amidst rapid growth, MCA partnered with BECK Digital to effectively manage this expansion. Our role has been crucial in integrating new acquisitions into MCA’s portfolio of companies, ensuring seamless online transitions.

Our expertise in website development, content strategy, and SEO has been pivotal in supporting MCA’s evolving digital needs while maintaining their strong market presence.

Acquisition Integration & Consultancy

MCA Family of Companies: Infinity, CNS, & Amerizon

In the dynamic landscape of MCA’s rapid expansion, BECK Digital provided expert consultancy for integrating newly acquired companies. Our role extended beyond mere integration to harmonize distinct digital assets into MCA’s existing framework, ensuring a unified online presence mirrored the company’s growing stature in the telecommunications sector.

The Challenge

Integrating multiple acquisitions presented its share of challenges, including ensuring all press releases and content regarding the changes were represented without losing individual brand essences. Each acquisition had unique digital infrastructures and content, necessitating strategic content planning. Ensuring continuity and consistency across various platforms was critical in preserving the integrity and identity of each brand.

The Solution

Our approach combined strategic website audits with tailored content strategies for each acquisition. We meticulously realigned digital assets to fit with MCA’s broader brand while preserving individual identities. By implementing SEO-centric transitions and cohesive digital strategies, we ensured quick announcements regarding acquisitions while maintaining brand continuity and the overall digital presence of MCA and its divisions.

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“They understand our vision and help us execute it, making them an indispensable partner for MCA.”
Lauren Santilli
Marketing Manager

Content Strategy

BECK’s content strategy involves crafting and managing content across four divisions, producing approximately 30 blogs monthly. Beyond blogging, we also develop content calendars, audit and update division websites’ copy to best reflect MCA’s values, and create additional pages for special events across all divisions. This approach ensures each division’s content is fresh, relevant, and SEO-optimized, enhancing MCA’s online presence and engagement while supporting their dynamic growth and acquisition integration.

The Challenge

When we began working with MCA, the unique challenge was to quickly be able to jump in, understand, and adapt and disseminate information effectively across divisions. As our relationship grew, creating and maintaining a consistent, high-quality content strategy across MCA’s diverse divisions has also been a mighty task! We strive to balance the unique voice and needs of each division with overall brand coherence and SEO effectiveness.

The Solution

When developing tailored content calendars and SEO-focused blog recommendations, we established a cohesive yet flexible content strategy. This requires strong, open communication between our teams for consistent blog content, alongside adaptability in developing specialized content for events and acquisitions. That also means we regularly audit and refresh website copy and create engaging content for various online campaigns and blogs.

Compilation of screenshots of the MCA website

PPC Advertising & Reporting

Our PPC advertising strategy for MCA and its divisions involves managing Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, effectively leveraging these platforms as powerful SEO tools and lead magnets. Our approach is data-driven, focusing on maximizing online visibility and engagement, and is complemented by detailed reporting and quarterly campaign recommendations.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in PPC advertising for MCA involves tailoring campaigns to the specific needs of each division while ensuring overall brand alignment. Our focus was to balance the nuances of effective SEO within PPC in order to generate meaningful leads across diverse platforms like Google and LinkedIn.

The Solution

We implemented a targeted approach, fine-tuning ads for MCA and each division with campaign-specific messaging to maximize SEO impact and lead generation. Regular campaign assessments, informed by bi-weekly analytics, continue to guide our strategy. Coupled with quarterly updates and recommendations, we ensure continuous optimization of our PPC efforts.

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