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Blue Ridge
Community College

Industry: Higher Education

Year: 2020 - Current

Amidst the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC), in partnership with Formation PR + Brand, sought innovative digital marketing strategies to reach potential students confined at home during the height of the pandemic. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by young people, those seeking a career change, and early college class enrollees during this period, BECK Digital was tasked with revamping their enrollment campaigns with a fresh perspective and new, innovative approaches.

Our mission was to navigate these unprecedented times and effectively connect the college with its diverse, evolving audience. Since then, our agency partners have included us in the growing enrollment marketing by implementing other targeted campaigns to increase enrollment across specific colleges at BRCC.

Online Advertising

BECK Digital managed Blue Ridge Community College’s online advertising, adapting from pandemic challenges to post-pandemic growth strategies. Since March 2022, we’ve focused on semester enrollment and class-specific campaigns, pivoting to responsive display and YouTube ads to connect with our target audience. Our evolved approach, emphasizing stakeholder input and refined keyword strategies, has broadened audience engagement, successfully transitioning our advertising efforts to meet the changing needs of student admissions.

The Challenge

During the pandemic, our challenge was crafting a PPC strategy that resonated in an unpredictable time. Post-pandemic, the focus shifted to adapting these strategies to a broader audience, including high school graduates and a growing amount of career switchers. We needed to balance changing online behaviors with our strategic transition of utilizing new campaign types and refining audience targeting to ensure engagement.

The Solution

We leveraged new campaigns post-pandemic with in-depth audience research, stakeholder feedback, and a rigorous keyword approach. We tailored content via responsive display ads and across multiple platforms, including YouTube and social media, optimizing for high engagement. This comprehensive strategy and new landing page designs boosted engagement and fostered a seamless journey from ad engagement to enrollment.

Click-Through-Rate *
* The average CTR for Educational Search Campaigns in the US is 6.41%.The 2024 BRCC Spring Enrollment Campaign’s CTR was 35.36%, far surpassing the national average.
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“BECK’s strategies and commitment to results set a new standard for our future projects.”
Christy Bridges
Formation PR & Brand
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